Sunday, December 26, 2010

today she back home.horrayy!

today my hunny fuzy back home.
ohh lega nyaa.smlm tk text langsung dgn dia.dah lah demam.gee
hard night for me last night.but this afternoon she call me.i tk marah dia or what.i miss her so much.damn much.fucking much and much much lah.only god know.

baby i love you so much sayang:*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

she gone for hiking for 3 day.

geez.last text from her at 11.03 am.then terus line tkde smpai skrg still tk dpt text from her.
i know her promise will text me.but line coverage tkde.cmna nak text aite.its okayy lah syg,hope u enjoy and have fun.bout me.dont worry.i will be fine.*maybe lah:p

omg sayang im fucking miss you and love you fuzy:*
i got two days more be alone.what a freakin and boring 2 days without you.hurm.
god help me with suffering.
dah lah demam.gastrik.adeehh,nak mengadu pada siapa?ibu?for sure dia ckp pergi lah clinic.tkbest lah.i need you. need you so much!

p/s Love You Sayang:*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

im a late again and again

today wake up late lagi.sbb tidur lambat.almost 6 kot pagi tadi:)
sbb teman fuzy packing.idk.but i nak sgt teman dia.walaupun mata ni dah
merayu2 minta tidur.*sanggup tahan ngantuk

so pagi tadi rushing gila.hee
sempat lah sent text at fuzy.but dia tk reply*sedih ni:'(
whatevr lah class kena pergi juga pagi2 dah merempit.jahanam sungguh i ni.haha
best part pakai bju melayu johor tau.soft blue baby:D
then class 1 hour je.pergi print je harga dah rm7.mahal gila print at kedai uncle sap yi sap ni.
cekik darah.hisap darah semua at dia.grrr

2 am tomorrow.she leaving..

she leaving for 3 days.hiking.sbb dia suka hiking:)
and i,heem for sure gonna miss her a lot.arggh
cant imagine! sumpah benci*mcm perempuan je:p


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

thanks god:)

22/december/2010 7.10.25 pm

i got text from her.she said she want a real relationship with me.omg
bila baca text tu.i kaku.lidah kelu.otak blank.all over the body shakingg.
idk what to i call her.and propose her.
she said yees.and again i lidah i kelu.malu nyaa.

22/december/2010 7.17.03 pm

end of my single year.and im happy with my Fuzy.
i swear i will make u happy baby.

tell me that im crazy lil'man

First today im fucking wierdo.yall know why?because im fucking miss my Fuzy.
yall know.old people say when we thinking bout someone everyday that mean we love her or miss her.
in deep little tiny heart.say I MISS YOU sayang and I LOVE YOU!

and sayang i miss nak webby dgn you:(
i know this 24th u dah pergi hiking.geez.3 day like 3 years ohh.
but im not worried because u promise will text me:)
that make me feel good aite hunny.and im sorry if i ada buat u terasa ke.idk.but i feel i mcm ada buat u terasa.
im sorry bie

Saturday, December 18, 2010

just you

hye dear.
i just want you know that i love you so much.
since u came into my life.i feel fresh.i started feel the love again.
the passion in love.all bout love,love and love.
bie.your important for me.nothing more.just you Fuzy:)


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

today i miss you so much fuzy.

today taktau lh kenapa i rindu gila2 tahap gaban kat you hunnny Fuzy.
seem kita dah lama tak text.padahal hari2 text.nmpknye i mmg tk boleh hidup tnpa you sayang.

miss you sayang:*

Friday, December 10, 2010

can i be your superman Fuzy?

If I could be your superman,
I'd fly you to the stars and back again.
'cause everytime you touched my hand,
You feel my powers running through your veins.
But I can only write this song,
And tell you that I'm not that strong.
'Cause I'm no superman, I hope you like me as I am


listen to her

hey just now i activate my acc pun sbb fuzy suruh.idk pun bukan ada org tgk*merajuk lah ni kononnya.haha

okayy next part.
today class ingat lama lah.grr.1 hours je.phewww.
then last check for final presentation everything slide 6 je.yg lain smpai 9 lah 10 lah.gila ka?haha
nak baca apa mcm tu:p
*hati tga cuak ni takut kena repeat class graphic.grrr

Thursday, December 9, 2010

one in a million

Jet setter
Go getter
Nothing better
Call me Mr. been there done that
Top model chick to your every day hood rat
Less than all but more than a few
But I've never met one like you

Been all over the world
Done a little bit of everything
Little bit of everywhere
With a little bit of everyone
All the girls I've been with
Things I've seen it takes much to impress
But sure enough your glow it makes your soul stand up from all the rest

I can be in love
But I just don't know (don't know, girl)
Baby one thing is for certain
Whatever you do it's working
Other girls don't matter
In your presence can't do what you do
There's a million girls around but I don't see no one but you

Girl you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this

You're not a regular girl
You don't give a damn about the loot
Talking about what I can't do it for you
What you can do for yourself
Even though that ain't so
Baby cause my dough don't know how to end
But that independent thing I'm with it
All we do is win baby

I could be in love
But I just don't know (don't know, girl)
Baby one thing is for certain
Whatever you do it's working
Other girls don't matter

In your presence can't do what you do
There's a million girls around but I don't see no one but you

Baby you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this
Girl you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this

Timing girl
Only one in the world
Just one of a kind
She mine

Ooh all that I can think about is what this thing could be
A future baby
Baby you're one of a kind
That means that you're the only one for me
Only one for me
Baby (girl) you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this
Girl you're so one in a million
You are
Baby you're the best I ever had
Best I ever had
And I'm certain that
There ain't nothing better
No there ain't nothing better than this

hunnyfuzy is one in a million girl

yess i deactivate my facebook account

yeah im deactivate my account on FACEBOOK.don't ask me why.just a while i be back in short terms.have some probs i got to take care:D
buat relax je doh.

today is not perfect day

idk what wrong with me trying to be good to her.
act like nothing happen.walaupun jauh di sudut hati terasa.rasa sayang terhadapnya tidak membenarkan i meluah kan rasa itu.i love her so much.
i just want her to know that i love her only and only her.not other girl or woman.
i do keep her trust me.i need keep me alive on this earth.ceewah

anyways sayang i never mad at you.what u have done to me,just for a while hunny.
nabi pun maaf kan umat nya.apa lagi i.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

keep thinking of her...

idk every second in my life.i thinking bout her,
likes she the one for me.they say im in love.
ofcourse im in love.i love her.just her.
i will give anything to make her smile and happy.
i ain't cheat on her.i do love her i love my mom.or my family.
she everything for me.
when her say ilove yout o me.feel like her power all over my life just begun.
just me and her.yeah me and her.


Big Job broo

gahh its been wild day today,kena jadi protokol utk anual dinner college,
lol.first time lah broo.what im supposed to do?dengar je nak buat apa i dah nervous.
bukan tk boleh handle.cuma agak malas.but they say dpt extra im in.
game on brotha.

Monday, December 6, 2010

what is love

Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossoms had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."

suprise day for me:D

geez today full of BIG BIG suprise.haha,first:kena buat presentation for final.
dress up kena formal black pants, shoes and and tie.adeh kena ke?grrr
and then kan i ada 1 lagi assg drawing nak kena submit:D
mcm malas pula nak buat.haih

lupa nak bagitau,sejak akhir2 ni i dah tk balik lmbt.dulu selalu balik around 4am or 5am.
but after fall in love pukul 10 dah ddk dlm bilik OTP lah-_-
heee,berubah kerana cinta kata ibu.haha
betul ke haa?haha
love can change anything?i hope so lah.heee
okayy that all for today.catch yall later

Saturday, December 4, 2010


today my hunnyF excident.paling teruk i boleh off handphone.and i lmbat tau dia excident.
im so soryy not there went u need soryy again bie.
i hope u will be fine hunny:)
i pray for you.and next time please be more careful.because im worried bout you.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

thanks hot ticket but maxis sucking credit like mad

gee thanks hot ticket sbb jimat sikit dari toup ni.if toup confirm maxis suck credit kaw kaw punya.
i use hot ticket sbb nak otp dgn myhunnyF je:)
everynight lah kata kan otp.perghh mmg best.never had this moment before:)
thanks again.hee

but maxis suck credit like mad.not twice but many time.grrr
nak tukar kepada digi sbb after 12am call free digi to digi.sound great right?but kawan2 lain semua pki maxis.hurm.dilemma konon nya lah.haha
if hunnyF oki digi so im gonna use digi too.takde hal lah
bak kata digi i will follow you:p
okayy that all

byee drac's

it's partyy dayy

hola yall.its 2 december 2010.what a beautiful day i guess,btw today nothing interesting.not much lah idk why.hee
alone at home.watching sepi at ria and csi at axn.
lucky Fuzy ada.gee
did you now david guetta might come to malaysia,but idk when.just khbar angin je.
if true woohhoo its gonna be a big party by D.GUETTA
i don't want to miss a big fan brotha.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1.December .2010

it should be great day or lucky day.but for me.nahh just a really2 bad day.
first thing in tha morning i dah lupa bwk logo example for class drawing.dah kecoh pagi2 cari kedai print.gee ingt dah okayy lah then balik nak cepat sangat kan.kejar lampu hijau punya pasal tk pasal2 dpt saman yang pertama.suck! balik kena bebel lagi tu.adeh!
malang nya nasib.then petang di bank boleh pula tergelincir sbb lantai basah.sumpah malu dohh.
sungguh malang nasibku today:(

anyway myhunyfuzy always help me im happy again.she know how to make im happy:)

p/s if nasib anda malang sila hubungi saya di talian kecemasan:p

Monday, November 29, 2010

just another bored day

hye same like other days.bored bored and bored.
idk what to face already like ayah kehilangan anak je.haha

done with my editing face of drac empayar:p
im soryy if look buruk sbb tak reti buat semua ni.heee
so have you guys thinking bout me making a cover video?
any suggestion?hee

that all.have a good day tomorrow:)

i'm back peeps

hola te echo de menos todo es así,its been long time i did not update this blog,i have some reason that make me look dummy.btw i still active with my can follow me on twitter,or my facebook.just search me amirul aliff.btw now i lil bit busy with my assg and special my lovely girl fuzy.i had a great time with her.god bless us:)

okayy.seem i got lot of work to do with this blog look like such a lame
and i got thing to do thinking bout create a music video.yeah me singing and record post on youtube,idk i need yall opinion,since my f like me to i do it for her.
okayy that enough.tomorrow i post new one okayy,

have a great yall and god bless malaysia!

p/s lovehugfuzy<3

Friday, August 20, 2010

my fav kuih!

hye guyz.nak cerita sikit pasal kuih kegemaran aliff.haha
kira kuih ni aliff beli hari2 lah time bulan puasa ni.alhamdullilah setakat ni puasa penuh.hee
kuih ni nama nya POPIA BASAH:)
seddap gila.kdg2 pedaas.kdg2 manis.haha
jadi anda ptt cuba rasa kiuh ni.sedap tau:D

Thursday, July 8, 2010

today is no muud:(

hye u'all.sorryy kinda busy sikit:) lately.well korg pun taw asses byk .and tkde masa nk update.
anyway today leher sakit sgt2.salah bantal kot.then jerman kalah.aduh satu kerugian ni.hahah
so igt nk sokong spain plak.haaa
kalahkan holland yg belagak tu.haha
so nk laugh kuat2 pun tk guna,jerman dah kalah.haha
so esok ada class.and tktw nk pakai bju apa.igt nk pegi shopping malas plak.and tkde sape nk teman kn.haha
kesian i kan.hee
okayy lh enough for today.bye bye

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hey asl u bnyak ckp ?

err.sebab allah bagi saya mulut untuk bercakap:)

tanya lh kalau berani.

Single make me famous!

heyhey is me again.
haha,today word's is single make me famous.
guess what.its true.90% single people is more famous then couple.
single make me famous inspired by someone yg i rasa dia mmg hebat.
so enough pasal single make me famous ni.hee
sory lah still under maintenance.hee

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hari hari pertama

haha.sory masih newbie dlm hal ini semua.haha
hyehye i my first day study at KLMU.mmg gempak.
guess shakinggg!.hahahaa
but avrything fine because mok was there too.haha
so nervous i semua hilang.
at class td.i kena blajar present tense blik tau.haha,mcm at sekolah RENDAH je. so i jumpe ramai org.make new friend's.hee
bagus diorang ni.haha
so esok mesti ada cerita baru untuk u'all.wait yah:)

keep rawkin yah!