Saturday, December 25, 2010

she gone for hiking for 3 day.

geez.last text from her at 11.03 am.then terus line tkde smpai skrg still tk dpt text from her.
i know her promise will text me.but line coverage tkde.cmna nak text aite.its okayy lah syg,hope u enjoy and have fun.bout me.dont worry.i will be fine.*maybe lah:p

omg sayang im fucking miss you and love you fuzy:*
i got two days more be alone.what a freakin and boring 2 days without you.hurm.
god help me with suffering.
dah lah demam.gastrik.adeehh,nak mengadu pada siapa?ibu?for sure dia ckp pergi lah clinic.tkbest lah.i need you. need you so much!

p/s Love You Sayang:*

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