Monday, November 29, 2010

just another bored day

hye same like other days.bored bored and bored.
idk what to face already like ayah kehilangan anak je.haha

done with my editing face of drac empayar:p
im soryy if look buruk sbb tak reti buat semua ni.heee
so have you guys thinking bout me making a cover video?
any suggestion?hee

that all.have a good day tomorrow:)

i'm back peeps

hola te echo de menos todo es así,its been long time i did not update this blog,i have some reason that make me look dummy.btw i still active with my can follow me on twitter,or my facebook.just search me amirul aliff.btw now i lil bit busy with my assg and special my lovely girl fuzy.i had a great time with her.god bless us:)

okayy.seem i got lot of work to do with this blog look like such a lame
and i got thing to do thinking bout create a music video.yeah me singing and record post on youtube,idk i need yall opinion,since my f like me to i do it for her.
okayy that enough.tomorrow i post new one okayy,

have a great yall and god bless malaysia!

p/s lovehugfuzy<3