Monday, November 29, 2010

i'm back peeps

hola te echo de menos todo es así,its been long time i did not update this blog,i have some reason that make me look dummy.btw i still active with my can follow me on twitter,or my facebook.just search me amirul aliff.btw now i lil bit busy with my assg and special my lovely girl fuzy.i had a great time with her.god bless us:)

okayy.seem i got lot of work to do with this blog look like such a lame
and i got thing to do thinking bout create a music video.yeah me singing and record post on youtube,idk i need yall opinion,since my f like me to i do it for her.
okayy that enough.tomorrow i post new one okayy,

have a great yall and god bless malaysia!

p/s lovehugfuzy<3

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